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What is purple about?

It was suggested that, for our first article, I should write about why the company purple came to be, and it was a great opportunity for me to sit back and take some time out to remember my motivation in setting the company up.

Purple was established in 2007, after what seemed a lifetime of attending dull, boring, “tick box” style training within a diverse cross section of industries. In the latter years of corporate life, I had myself taken an active role as an in house trainer, and found the restrictions of delivery style a constant frustration.

It never ceased to amaze me how people are expected to learn, adapt, and embed new learning experiences on the back of what can only be described as “forgettable” events. When I myself attended training as a delegate, the question swam before my eyes on more than a few occasions: “Where was the person’s attitude towards my learning?” And, unfortunately the answer was very often the same; nowhere !

So, it may not come as a huge surprise to learn that purple’s favourite word is attitude - it costs nothing, but when right, delivers such a huge return on investment, for our clients as well as for us.

Research shows that whatever factor you make a comparison with, age, ability, education, experience, or gender, the attitude you apply will determine the success rate you achieve. It is clear that attitude is more important than any other element when it comes to ensuring success.

And this should also be applied to development. Put simply, when you alter the way an individual receives knowledge, you not only increase the amount they learn, but more importantly, change the way the knowledge is perceived, memorised and ultimately used back in the work environment.

Training is of course there to increase the skill set of an individual, but more importantly needs to primarily alter the mindset of the attendee to create a real desire to put new ideas into practice.

Traditional training replicates a classroom style education, and it has been proved that adults need a vastly different learning process to children. Trainers that can bring learners to the conclusion that the information is useful to them will achieve a significant increase in the take up and application of new knowledge, skills, behaviours and attitudes.  

Purple prides itself on delivering such development training and work within an Attitudinal Based Learning environment to ensure we obtain the desired results. We believe in participation, challenge, thought provoking, intense, safe and fun. We are determined to banish the grey from training, transform people through enthusiasm and help people reach the potential that they are.  

Louise Nicolaou, owner & founder of Purple.