Our Training Solutions

It would be impossible to record all the training we are able to provide as most of our courses are written bespoke to meet the Client's needs.

We do recognise however that there will always be some subjects that are a universal need and that most of you will want to know the type of content we cover, so with this in mind, please find below an overview of our most popular subjects. Click on the appropriate link to get more details of the course.

Whatever your needs, contact us to discuss your requirements and find out how we can help you.


Presentation Skills

Do you dread standing up in front of an audience? Do your presentations lack impact? Or do you want to enhance existing skills to deliver presentations more effectively?

Effective presentation skills are fast becoming the “must have” skill for career succession. Whether to an audience or on a one to one basis, this is an essential part of business life and it is arguably one of the skills that is feared by most.

This two day course is designed to show you how to present persuasively, confidently and with credibility. Practical exercises to help control nerves, identify and use positive body language, control and maximise your speech, alongside tried and proven methods to structure any presentation.

Some of the feedback we received from clients attending this course:

“I just didn’t know I had it in me!”

“My big learn was to channel my nerves into positive energy, it has made a massive difference to my delivery style.”

“I now find myself volunteering, which never happened before!”

Take your presentations skills to the next level, learn new techniques or fine tune your existing style, this course will unlock an effective and impactful presenter in you.


Time Management

Are you finding it difficult to respond to ever changing priorities, or feel overwhelmed by how much you have to do? Perhaps you feel you are working to your maximum level, but never really achieving very much. In today’s climate we have more work with less resources and prioritisation is key.

A one day course that will show you how to take charge of your day, respond productively to changing priorities, reduce stress and leave with a clear head and a toolkit of techniques to make immediate and long term improvements back in the workplace.

Some of the feedback we received from clients attending this course:

“It was really a great opportunity to take a step back and see what changes I needed to make. I loved the day, it didn’t feel like work, but I have been more productive and less stressed since attending and am much better placed to deal with the day to day needs of my role.”

“I think everyone should go on this. You don’t realise how applicable the phrase “you can’t see the wood for the trees”, is until you give yourself some “time” out.”


Day to day life is full of demands that provoke a desire to say no, but all too often we often end up taking on endless streams of projects and tasks that have a huge impact on our own priorities being completed.

Standing up for yourself occasionally, is like any other new skill- it takes practice. So this course is designed to provide practical tools and techniques alongside a safe environment to implement and practice new skills.

Many of us do not have healthy role models to emulate when it comes to being assertive, and yet once grasped, this is likely to be the biggest life changing skill you are likely to acquire. We will show you what true assertiveness is, how to communicate your wants, needs opinions and values without violating that of others, and to feel in control of the decisions you make.

Some comments from our clients attending the course:

“It’s fascinating to see the results of putting some basic learns from the course into place. I feel in control and have gained respect from my colleagues.”

“For me, I realised I needed to make significant changes in how I communicated to other people. It’s not a quick process to change behaviour, and sometimes, I revert to my old habits, but I really believe that I will get to where I want to be. Thank you.”



Modern management is vastly different from that of ten years ago. It is vital to a companies success that the leaders within it (at all levels), understand the importance of rounded leadership. No longer is it appropriate for employees to be lead through enforcement only methods. Today’s leaders are a blend of enforcement and encouragement, ensuring teams’ performances are enhanced and potential is not only met, but exceeded.

From management fundamentals, to dealing with conflict; from coaching individuals to team building, and from performance managing others to self analysis of current skills, our suite of courses are designed to support leaders at every level.

All of our courses have been designed to specifically meet the needs of today’s leaders and combine practical management techniques to lead, encourage, and demand performance as well as opportunities to discuss and practice real life scenarios and receive feedback on their own performance.


Sales Skills

The selling process should be a dynamic interaction between a salesperson and a client, it is no longer appropriate to give a “hard sale”, and as such we need to recognise the importance of building professional relationships and selling to meet client needs.

Designed for both new to the role of sales, as well as for those wishing to refresh and embed the fundamental principles of excellent selling, this course considers all the key elements of sales. From preparation to communication, from questioning techniques to utilising features and benefits, this course will provide the tools and techniques required to control the sales process towards a successful conclusion.


Train the Trainer

It is essential when delivering training to be able to inspire and develop individuals and provide them with the motivation they need to implement learns back in the business.

This unique course allows the Trainer to experience both sides of training, as a delegate and as a trainer, to enable them to understand the method behind the tools and techniques used, as well as the impact it has on the audience.

This course is energetic, fun and full of key learns. The ideal course to support your internal trainers in delivering memorable training, for the right reasons!

Some of the feedback:

“I had such a great time; it has helped me understand that the success of the day will be determined by how motivated the delegates are during the learning. And the best thing is, I can determine how motivated they leave! I have implemented so many learns from this course, and the feedback I get speaks for itself!”


Customer Service

Today’s businesses rely on their customers for so much more than the initial sale. Today it is about standing out from the crowd, differentiating your business from that of your competitors. In a world of similarity, similar products at similar prices in similar timescales, often the only differentiator you have is the people that work for you.

Excellent service needs to become a philosophy within a business, it is everyones responsibility to work together to create the most positive impact for their customers. This course will support the delegates in identifying quick and simple techniques in creating Excellent Customer Service, from face to face interactions through to dealing with telephone queries, turning complaints into opportunities, and setting and maintaining standards.